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Oct 9, 2020

today we had a maintenance at 19:15 CET with a duration of 30 minutes.
The new Game Version will be 1.2.0

With this update we want to give many items a value again and especially give the low level players more possibilities to get Yang. We also wanted to give players the opportunity to stand out from the rest and have made the upgrade system of the new items relatively difficult so that players who grind a lot are rewarded. The next big thing after this update is the balance of PvP.

During this maintenance the time of all offline-shops was set to zero because a lot of items will have a different value and because we think it is good to reset the whole market from time to time.

New things:

  • Added the Crystal Dragon Dungeon ( Contains 3 New Upgrade Items)
  • Added a new quest related to the Crystal Dragon Dungeon (If you complete this quest you will get the right to enter the Crystal Dragon Dungeon but you will not be able to enter the Razador or Nemere Dungeon anymore)
  • Added Element Talisman to the Uriel crafting (You can only upgrade this item with Ritual Stone)
  • Added Energy Crystal System
  • Added Energy Crystal, Energy Scroll, Elixir of Energy and Essence of Energy to the Alchemy Shop
  • Added 2 New Level 115 PvM Armors to the Babawahdan Crafting (You can only upgrade these items with Ritual Stone)
  • Added a new Upgrade Scroll "Ritual Stone" (craftable at Blacksmith)
  • Added a new Upgrade Ore "Magic Ritual Ore"
  • Added 3 different Mission Books as drops from Dungeon Bosses (Easy, Normal, Hard)
  • Added a new Upgrade Item "Elemental Crystal" to the Theowadan Shop ( 1 Elemental Crystal = 1 Shoulder Sash Costume)
  • Added Pet Experience Bottle to the Stable Boy (The bottle always gives 2% Pet Experience)
  • Added 3 New Bosses to the Enchanted Forest
  • Added 2 New Bosses to the Dark Forest
  • Added Energy Shards as drop from Metins on the Level 90 Map and Zung Metins
  • Added 2 more pages to the Offline-Shop
  • Added Offline Shop Expansion item
  • Added a "unsold" display to the offline-shop which shows you the total worth of all your unsold items in your shop
  • Added Pet-Costume system for levelable pets

  • Added Magic Ritual Ore as drop from Thranduil
  • Replaced Pet Extension Book with Magic Ritual ore at the Black Pearl Treasure Chest
  • Added Stone of Crystal Drake to Maester Aemon
  • Removed Copper Sheets from the low Bosses at the Level 90 Maps
  • Added Guardian of the Crystal Cave to Nephrite Bay as Entry NPC for the Crystal Dragon Dungeon
  • Expanded the crafting window there is now a second page if you need more than 5 items to craft an item
  • You can now also use the hotkey "CTRL+SHIFT+Left Mouse Click" at the special storages to search for items at the Shop Search
  • Increased the Max.HP of the Mighty Ice Witch
  • Increased the cooldown for the Weapon Sura skill "Dispel"
  • You can now scroll to the left and right in the Talisman category at the Wikipedia
  • Changed the display order in the chest category at the Wikipedia
  • Reduced the drop chance of Chest of Skills
  • Added the option to create 5 and 50 Gaya
  • Replaced the Element Enchant in Razador/Nemere Chest with a 5% Sash
  • Removed Fencing Pamphlet as Drop from Azrael
  • Increased the upgrade count of Fencin Pamphlet at some items
  • Added a security check window if you use Certificate of Reversal on your Shoulder Sash
  • Added two new system guides to the Wikipedia: Energy Crystal System and Mission Books
  • Added drop levelranges for all Passive Skillbooks to the Wikipedia
  • Added Buffi System guide to the Wikipedia
  • Added some things to the FAQ part at the Wikipedia
  • Ranking backend technologie got reworked with redis to guarantee better server performance

  • Fixed a bug with the 5 hours Thief's Glove
  • Fixed a bug that L skills had no sound
  • Fixed and improved some translations
  • Fixed a bug with the display of Guild Storage logs (newest logs are now always at the top of the list)
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