Anniversary Event [15.02]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020
As many people are not a fan of the Boss spawn event we have decided not to repeat the event today. We don't think anyone enjoys beating a boss with 1 FPS. We have decided not to do this kind of event again until our performance/FPS improvements are done so that everyone can have fun with this kind of event.

However, we have thought of something else for you: Today Aeldra turns half a year old!

To mark this occasion, the following event will take place today from 12:00 CET (13:00 EET) to 23:59 CET (00:59 EET):

Anniversary Chest Drop from all dungeon bosses

• Ape Lord, Slime Queen, Spider Baroness, Azrael: 1x Anniversary Chest (not 100% drop)
• Beran-Setaou, Razador, Nemere: 1x Anniversary Chest (100% drop)
• Jotun, Thranduil, Hydra, Crystal Dragon: 2x Anniversary Chest (100% drop)

The Anniversary Chest contains the following items:
  • Blue Desert Fighter (permanent) (m)
  • Blue Desert Fighter ( permanent) (f)
  • Armor Desert Shining (blue)
  • Legendary Soulstone
  • Gaya Voucher (10)
  • Boss scroll (heavy)
  • Stone of Crystal Crave
  • Stone of Hydra
  • Stone of the Dryads
  • Passage Ticket
  • 2x Offline Shop Expansion
  • 1x Chocolate
  • 50x Element Enchant

In addition, during the event (from 12:00 CET to 23:59 CET) 10% Strong against Metinstones, 10% Strong against Bosses and 20% Drop rates will be activated! Thank you for the best 6 months we can imagine and have fun at the event!