Battlepass April [01.04-25.04.]


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Oct 9, 2020

The April Battlepass is available from 01.04 until 25.04 in the Itemshop!

Kill 100.000 Monsters
2x Passage Ticket
Kill 75 Bosses
2x Red Flame Stone
Destroy 1.500 Metinstones
1x Magic Element Ore
Complete 35 Dungeons
1x Protein Snack
Use 100.000 Enchant item
2x Researcher's Elixir
Craft 50 Gaya
2x Potion of Oblivion
Shout 100 Messages
10 Gaya
Collect 48 Hours Playtime
1x Stone of Crystal Cave
Collect 250kk Yang
1x Stone of the Dryads
Feed your pet
1x Stone of Hydra
Finish all 10 Missions
2x Costume Voucher (April)
1x Crescent Moon Ring (3 Days)

  • Lava Armor (m/f)
  • Glacial Armor (m/f)
  • Lava Hairstyle (m/f)
  • Glacial Hairstyle (m/f)
  • Lava Weapons
  • Glacial Weapons
  • Magic Fire Wings
  • Magic Ice Wings
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