Battlepass March [01.03 - 25.03]


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Oct 9, 2020
The March Battlepass is available from 01.03 until 25.03 in the Itemshop!

Kill 100.000 Monsters​

2x Passage Ticket​
Kill 75 Bosses​

2x Red Flame Stone​
Destroy 1.500 Metinstones​

1x Magic Element Ore​
Complete 35 Dungeons​

1x Protein Snack​
Shout 100 Messages​

2x Researcher's Elixir​
Craft one Ritual Stone​

2x Potion of Oblivion​
Upgrade 50x Alchemy Clarity​

10 Gaya​
Collect 48 Hours Playtime​

1x Stone of Crystal Cave​
Collect 150kk Yang​

1x Stone of the Dryads​
Spend 150kk Yang​

1x Stone of Hydra​
Finish all 10 Missions

2x Costume Voucher (March)

1x Crescent Moon Ring (3 Days)

- Armor of Fear (m/f)
- Helmet of Fear (m/f)
- Demon Weapons

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