December Statement


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Oct 9, 2020
Hello Aeldra,


Additional Information about the Runtime Error which appeared yesterday/today. There was a bug that if your shout message was too long, it would crash the game for all people. The bug was reported to a CoMa but frankly he did not forward it to me and the bug did spread to multiple people. It took our developer some time to debug the problem, because our anti cheat software prevents such things, until he got around that a lot of time wasted, but now we have everything fixed and we can act very fast in the future.

Monthly Statement: December

December has come to an end and we welcome the new year 2021. We have a lot planned for this year, but before we get to that, we would like to talk about the month of December as usual.

• Our biggest goal for this month was to get the Christmas event through. At the beginning there was criticism from you that you should be able to buy event items during the week, so we implemented it directly. We also had problems with the Santa Boss. What we have noticed in this matter is that the drop distribution is divided among a few players, which is then mostly unfair. Because of this problem, we had a system in place to ensure that the drop was shared between all players, but we were struggling with problems that resulted in no one dropping anything. Mainly because of this occurrence, we have significantly improved our Quality Assurance system to avoid such problems in the future.

• Furthermore, you wished that event bosses like Santa should come as a dungeon. We're taking all this criticism to heart and will make it better for future events. Because events for which we have extra bosses made will still be there in the future.

• Our second goal was to add more languages and improve existing translations. We have achieved this goal and are still working on improvements and more languages. Here we continue to ask for feedback from you.

• We actually wanted to rework and beautify certain maps this month, but unfortunately we didn't succeed. The first map to be reworked will be the Zung map. After that, others will follow, such as Razador & Nemere.

• Since many have requested that we provide more information about what suggestions are taken from the suggestion channel, we have started to add the Discord name of the person who suggested a change to the patch notes. It's amazing what good ideas you guys come up with. Thank you so much for making the server so much better.

Future Plans

So much for December. Now we come to the news that you haven't heard so much about:

• Everyone who knows Aeldra knows that we are always striving for new innovations and systems. For this reason, we have brought the best developer of the Metin2 scene in our team, with whom even unimaginable things can be made possible. We are far from finished with Aeldra and you can look forward to a lot.

• For the month of January we have planned a lot. There will be some smaller bugfixes and patches, which have been requested. For a content update it is in our opinion still too early, because no handful of players have finished the current content and we'd rather focus on making the current content more diverse. But we can guarantee you one thing; when the time comes, the update will make big waves. Until then, we will offer you the most varied gameplay possible.(edited)

As final words, we as a team would like to thank you for your trust in us in 2020. It has been a great haven away from the events that we have built together. Your trust in us only motivates us to get even better. A great year awaits us all, which we hope to spend together.