Game Rules


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Oct 9, 2020
§1 Selling/buying/trying:
It's not allowed to sell or buy and/or trading of virtual goods for real money ($, £, €, Paysafe, PayPal, Bitcoins etc.), Items on other servers/games. Also it's not allowed to sell an account for yang. It's also not allowed to gamble with Items/Yang/Accounts from Aeldra at services which are not related to Aeldra.

§2 Offensive Language & Toxic Behavior:
Offensive language, spreading lies, hate, riot and racism or verbal abuse is forbidden and will be punished - depending on the case.

§3 Private/real-life information:
Defamation or leaking private/real-life information of Team Members or players is strictly forbidden.

§4 Bugs:
An encountered bug must be reported immediately by writing a private message to a staff member. Any type of bug use/abuse which affects the flow of the game will be punished.

§5 Third Party Applications:
Third Party Applications (Hacks, Bots, Illegal Softwares) are programs or files that aren't part of our server. Taking advantage or using such things will be punished. All players should play fair. Macros can be used as long as you don't get an advantage over players who are actively sitting in front of the computer. (We reserve the right to punish people who use macros in a way we cannot tolerate.)

§6 Third Party Advertising:
Advertising other servers is not allowed in any way and will be punished.

§7 Account Security:
Everyone should be responsible for his accounts and in-game items. This is why the team members can't guarantee to help in any way if a user loses something because he trusted his partner/friend.

§8 User Report:
If you want to report a User with the help of a screenshot or video, the Servername + Servertime needs to be visible all the time. Otherwise we are not able to use it as evidence.

§9 Instruction of Staff Members:
The instructions of the Staff Members must be followed. Disobeying a Staff Members' instructions might get you punished. In addition, each Staff Member and player must be treated with respect.

§10 Promotion Partners:
It is forbidden to deliberately influence a Promotion partner's livestream negatively and prevent the streamer from actively promoting the server.
This rule does not mean that promotion partners have complete freedom and kill protection. This rule only applies if it can be clearly proven that the player follows the streamer in his stream and prevents him from actively promoting.

§11 Inappropriate User Names:
Inappropriate Nick Names, Mount & Pet Names, Shop Names and Guild Names are not allowed!

§12 Vpn/proxy usage:
The usage of a vpn/proxy to get an advantage to other players is not allowed!

§13 Change reservation:
The team reserves the right to change or expand the rules without publicly announcing it.

§14 Multi-Farm Block:
The use of virtual machines or second PC's to bypass the multi-farm block is not allowed.
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