Mission Books


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Oct 9, 2020
1. General
  • You can get Mission Books from Dungeon Bosses.
  • There are three different Mission Books:
    • Mission Book (easy) | Levelarea: 35 - 75
    • Mission Book (normal) | Levelarea: 75 - 105
    • Mission Book (hard) | Levelarea: 105 - 115
  • You can activate only one Mission Book at the same time.
  • You'll get a random quest in the mentioned level area of the Mission Book.
  • After you've finished you'll get a random reward.
2. Possible Missions and Rewards
2.1 Mission Book (easy)

Possible MissionsPossible Rewards
Kill 100 Ice Golems at Mount Sohan.
Pet Elixirs (k)
Kill 100 Frosty Ice Men und 100 Yetis.
Magic Iron Ore
Kill 100 Dark Fanatics and 100 Dark Arahans.
Magic Copper Ore
Kill 100 Esoteric Arahan Fighters and 100 Chief Esoteric Arahans.
Inventory Expansion
Kill 100 Dark Tormentors and 100 Dark Summoners.
Herb of Monkey
Kill 100 Tree Frog Soldiers and 100 Tree Frog Leaders.
Arachnids Key
Kill 100 Bullfrog Generals.
Slime Menhir
Destroy 25 Metin of Toughness.
10kk, 15kk, 20kk, 25kk Yang
Destroy 25 Metin of Devil.
Unkown Stone (Low)
Destroy 25 Metin of Death.
Thief's Gloves
Kill 250 Demon Soldiers and 100 Demon Archers.
White Pearl
Kill 250 Baby Poison Spiders and 50 Deadly Poison Spiders.
10x Tourmaline Crystal
Kill 250 Red Angry Poison Spiders and 50 Claw Poison Spiders.
10x Ruby Crystal
Kill 150 Flames.
20x Gemstone
Kill 150 Flame Warriors.
Reinforce Element
Kill 150 Fighting Tiger Minions.
Red Flame Stone
Kill 150 Fighting Tigers.
Boss Roll (Light)
Defeat the Flame King 2 times.
Defeat the Queen Spider 2 times.
Defeat the Chief Orc 2 times.
Defeat Nine Tails 2 times.
Defeat the Tiger Ghost 2 times.
Kill 200 Best. Pois. Spider and 200 Best. Claw Poison Spiders.
Kill 300 Best. Baby Poison Spider and 300 Best. Deadly Pois. Spiders.
Kill 75 Fighting Tigers and 30 Flame Ghosts.
Kill 75 Fighting Tiger Minions and 30 Flames.
Destroy 25 Metin of Murder.
Destroy 15 Metin of Toughness.
Destroy 15 Metin of Devil.
Destroy 15 Metin of Death.
Destroy 15 Metin of Murder.
Kill the Bestial Captain 4 Times.
Destroy 25 Metin Pung-Ma.
Destroy 25 Metin Ma-An.
Destroy 25 Metin Pung-Ma.
Destroy 25 Metin Ma-An.
Kill 150 Ghost Stumps.
Cut 150 Ghost Trees down.
Defeat the Spider Baroness.
Defeat the Proud Demon King 4 times.
Defeat the Death Reaper 2 times.
Defeat the Slime Queen.
Defeat the Ape Lord.
2.2 Mission Book (normal)

Possible MissionsPossible Rewards
Kill 50 Gnoll-Generals.
Pet Elixirs (m)
Kill 50 Gnoll-Defenders.
20x Gemstone
Kill 130 General Cor.
Red Flame Stone
Kill 50 Black Generals.
10x Sapphire Crystal
Kill 50 Diabolics and 50 Shrimp Soldiers.
Shrunken Head
Kill 50 Armoured Crabs.
Twisted Key
Kill 50 Tritonic Morays and 50 Tritonic Magicians.
Passage Ticket
Kill 50 Tritonic Slashers.
5x Garnet Crystal
Kill 50 One-eyed Sluggers and 50 Cyclops Soldiers.
Boss Roll (Medium)
Kill 50 General Outis.
15kk, 20kk, 25kk, 30kk Yang
Kill 50 Archie Ogres and 50 Ogre Magus.
Legendary Soulstone
Kill 50 General Ogg.
Unknown Stone (High)
Kill 50 Lemures Warriors and 50 Lemures Magicians.
Pink Dragon Bean
Kill 50 Lemures General.
Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Destroy 25 Metin of Malice.
10x Element Enchant
Destroy 25 Metin of Malacity.
Elixir of Time
Destroy 25 Metin of Ember.
Fish Chest
Destroy 25 Metin of Gloom.
Magic Gold Ore
Destroy 25 Metin of Vanity.
Destroy 25 Metin of Wrath.
Defeat Beran Setaou
Kill 150 Setaou-Soldiers and 150 Setaou-Mystics.
Kill 150 Setaou-Magistrate and 150 Setaou-Commanders.
Kill 150 Setaou-Fighters and 150 Setaou-Hunters.
Destroy 15 Metin of Malice.
Destroy 15 Metin of Malacity.
Destroy 15 Metin of Ember.
Destroy 15 Metin of Gloom.
Destroy 15 Metin of Vanity.
Destroy 15 Metin of Wrath.
Defeat Azrael.
Destroy 25 Metin Jeon-Un.
Destroy 25 Metin Tu-Young.
Cut 150 Red Ghost Trees down.
Kill 150 Red Ghost Stumps.
Kill 75 Red Dryads.
Kill 150 Red Ghost Willows.
Kill 150 Red Evil Trees.
Defeat Charon.
Defeat Tartaros.
Destroy 25 Metin Jeon-Un.
Destroy 25 Metin Tu-Young.
Defeat Azrael's Spawn.
Kill 50 Ember Flame King.
Kill 25 Ember Flame Chieftain.
Defeat Razador.
Kill 50 Frost Golems.
Kill 40 Frost Trolls.
Defeat Nemere.

2.3 Mission Book (hard)
Possible MissionsPossible Rewards
Kill 150 Crystal Tritseratops.
Pet Elixirs (G)
Kill 100 Crystal Tiger.
Pet Elixirs (L)
Kill 100 Crystal Golem.
Boss Roll (Lv. 90 Map Bosses)
Kill 100 Crystal Soldier.
20kk, 40kk, 60kk, 80kk, 100kk Yang
Kill 100 Deep-Sea Moray Warrior.
2x Fish Chest
Kill 100 Moray Soldier.
Stone of Hydra
Kill 100 Kappa Leader.
Stone of Dryads
Kill 100 Deep-Sea Kappa.
Stone of Crystal Cave
Kill 100 Lagoon Kappa.
Magic Element Ore
Kill 100 Kappa.
10x Garnet Crystal
Kill 100 En-Tai Destroyers.
Legendary Soulstone
Kill 100 En-Tai-Druids.
Essence of Time
Kill 100 En-Tai Soldiers.
5x Gaya Bag (1)
Kill 100 En-Tai Warrior.
Researcher's Elixir
Kill 100 En-Tai Healers.
Polymorph Bag (b)
Defeat the King of Crystal Drakes.
Potion of Oblivion
Defeat Jotun Thrym.
Offline Shop Expansion
Kill 15 Metin of the Forest.
Kill 25 Metin of the Forest.
Kill 3 Metin of Blood.
Kill 12 Hydra Eggs.
Destroy Hydra's Treasure.
Kill 25 Metin of Zung.
Kill 15 Metins of Zung.
Kill 100 Ochao Warriors.
Kill 100 Ochao Executioners.
Kill 100 Ochao Generals.
Kill Sindarin.
Kill Crystal Dino
Kill Thranduil.
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