Patchnotes 1.2.4 [Maintenance 10.12.]


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Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 10.12.2020
The new Game Version will be 1.2.4

  • Added Christmas Map1/Map2
  • You can now also use the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+Right Mouse Button to directly search for an item in the shop search on items in your offline shop
  • Added an additional option to buy Elixir of Energy and Essence of Energy
  • The Night Mode is no activated by default
  • Added a new game option to activate/deactive Snow Textures/Snow Fall
  • There is now also a tooltip for the leadership skill if the skill is on L
  • It is now shown in the quick slot bar whether your Energy Crystal is on or off
  • Improved a lot of translations
  • The server now remembers which channel you were on when you teleport to a general channel so that when you leave the general channel you are on the same channel you were on before.
  • Removed the drop of Energy Fragment from the metins on the level 90 map
  • You now instantly get teleported to the next stage after you finished a stage in the Crystal Dragon Dungeon
  • You now need 75x Dream/Sky Soul Stone to craft a Dream/Sky Soul instead of 50x
  • Reduced drop of Magic Element Ore at Thranduil, Hydra and Crystal Dragon
  • Removed Magic Ritual Ore as direct drop from the Crystal Dragon
  • You don't need to kill all mobs anymore to use the key in the second stage of the Crystal Dragon Dungeon
  • Slightly increased the drop of Fencing Pamphlet
  • You now need Fencing Pamphlet to upgrade level 105 EQ +8 and Dragon Claw/Scale for +7
  • Updated the Okey Card Event at the Wikipedia
  • Updated Hacktrap
  • Added Premium System Guide to the Wikipedia
  • Adjusted the Boss Hunt Event Infos at the Wikipedia
  • Improved Wikipedia translations
  • Embellished the icon of Hexagonal Treasure Chest
  • Fixed a bug Blue Mummy Pet Costume were invisible
  • Fixed a bug that the Yellow Dragon Slayer only had 5% Attack Speed insteaf of 15%
  • Fixed a visual bug that the last bonus at the costume bonus remove item was displayed outside of the UI
  • Fixed a bug that you got cooldown for the Azrael Dungeon if you teleported away from Devils Catacomb without starting the Dungeon
  • Fixed a bug that you could not use Pet EXP Bottle anymore after your pet reached 98% EXP
  • Fixed a bug with the Cobra Hairstyles for female Characters
  • Fixed a translation mistake at the warpring at the Zung Temple that the South East Side was displayed as South West Side.
  • Fixed a Bug that Items from Missionbooks stacked with non tradeable Items
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