Patchnotes 1.2.8 [Maintenance 07.01.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 07.01.2020
The new Game Version will be 1.2.8

  • Added a new System Option "Metin Scaling" which allows you to change the size of your metinstones
  • Added Client Discord Integration (It now shows in your Discord status when you are playing Aeldra)
  • Added a "Refill All" button to the Alchemy Interface which allows you to refill all your inserted Dragon Stones with 1 click
  • There is now a shake effect if you destroy a statue in dungeons
  • Added a new hotkey for the Battlepass (F8)
  • Removed the (?) setting to change your current attack speed since it is not needed anymore and it leaded to misunderstandings for some players
  • Removed Santa Claus from Map1/Map2
  • Added the new Zung Map Design
  • Added new icons for the 5 hours EXP Ring/Thief Gloves
  • The shop search bar will now automatically get longer if item names are longer than the shop search bar
  • Removed a lot of unneeded quest windows at dungeon entry NPC's
  • Tartaros now spawns in the middle of the room in the Azrael Dungeon
  • Changed the icons of Pet Costumes for levelable pets so that it is easier to distinguish
  • Improved the Upgrade System Guide at the Wikipedia
  • Added a new shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Left Mouse Click for direct Wikipedia Search
  • Improved the Switchbot that it does not show the bonuses if the item has it as standard bonus
  • Added the Starter Mount/Pet to the General Store
  • Added detailed item descriptions to the Ore Items, Polymorph Bags and Cor Draconis
  • You can now drop temporary and permanent dews/dragon god items to the ground
  • Added missing Hotkeys to the wikipedia landing page
  • Improved and corrected many translations

  • Fixed a bug with the Kyanite Equipment that you got a Ruby Ore instead of a Kyanite Ore if you removed a Kyanite Ore
  • Fixed a bug that the switchbot only continued switchting the first slot after a teleport
  • Fixed a bug at the switchbot that the alternative bonus option did not work properly
  • Fixed a bug that the offline shop sell history was empty after every maintenance
  • Fixed a bug with the edit line cursor
  • Fixed a bug at the wikipedia that sometimes items were displayed multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that the Bosses from the "Test Dungeon" function gave experience
  • Fixed a bug at the wikipedia that you got a blackscreen if you opened a boss page with the font "1"