Patchnotes 1.2.9 [Maintenance 15.01.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 15.01.2020
The new Game Version will be 1.2.9

  • Added a new highlighting effect for new dropped items in the inventory
  • The item shop storage now has 3 pages instead of 1
  • You can now also see previews for Shinings/Shoulder Sashes**
  • Added all Shinings/Shoulder Sashes that are existing on the server right now to the wikipedia

  • Applied a change to dungeons in order to further prevent invisible monsters after warping to new stages
  • Adjusted the icon of the Black Desert Sash Costume so it is more visible in the inventory
  • Increased the Bell, Fan, Arrow and Dagger resistance of Thranduil and Crystal Dragon
  • Replaced the Teleporter at the Zung Temple city with the Alchemist
  • You now instantly see the changes you did to your skill color after pressing on the save button
  • You now spawn in front of the crafting NPC's instead of the PvP Area if you teleport to the Cape Dragon Fire City (suggested by @Torge#1471)

  • Fixed a bug that you could not add people to your friend list who had a space in their name
  • Fixed a bug that Suras sometimes missed out a hit when fighting from a mount
  • Fixed a bug that you could not add temporary belt ores anymore after adding a permanent belt ore
  • Fixed a bug that if you switched a weapon and a talisman with the switch bot at the same time it took Element Enchant for both items
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes the skill colors were not displayed after teleporting