Patchnotes 1.3.0 [Maintenance 21.01]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 21.01.2020
The new Game Version will be 1.3.0

After much deliberation, we decided to do something because of the Weapon Sura Body Warrior theme. Many players are of the opinion that Body Warrior should do the most damage as Weapon Sura has other advantages through Lifesteal etc. and we are of the same opinion. Since we fixed the problems with the attack speed, Suras and Warriors hit almost equally fast. Therefore we made small changes to the Aura of the Sword scaling so that body warriors make a little more damage than Weapon Suras.

  • Added the Dragon God Equipment to the game ( Level 55 PvP EQ )
  • Added the new NPC Lady Arya to the game you can find her at Map1 and Map2
  • Added 2 permanent PvP Rings to the Lady Arya Crafting
  • Added Dragon God EQ Crafting to the Lady Arya NPC
  • The Shining Preview works now also for the Battlepass Shop
  • Replaced the dark grotto of exile with the new lighter one
  • Added new ores to the Alchemist: Dragon Gold and Enchanted Dragon Gold
  • Slightly improved the scaling of Aura of the Sword with Strength
  • Adjusted the Body Warrior skills to the new Aura calculation
  • You can now post already inserted Alchemy Stones and Alchemy Stones in your Alchemy Inventory directly in the chat
  • The Shortcut CTRL+LMC is now working for the special storages and the Alchemy inventory
  • Removed the short black screen when you opened a new Aeldra client
  • Increased the amount of Moonstone, Titanium Dioxide and Agate to craft Prunous Enchanting from 15 to 20
  • Expanded the Gaya Shop and added 14 Days Ring of Joy
  • Adjusted the drop system of the Migthy Ice Witch
  • Dungeon Chest (hard) does not drop 100% anymore from Thranduil, Crystal Drake, Jotun and Hydra
    Increased the PvP bonuses of the whole Level 90 PvP EQ from 5% to 8%
  • Uriel is now also at Map2
  • Slightly increased the damage of the Heal and Dragon Shaman skills
  • Increased the range of the Cure Skill of Heal Shaman
  • Reduced the "Reflected Physical Attack Damage" Bonus of the skill Reflect at Dragon Shaman
  • You can now drop Lv. 54 Armors from Slime Queen and Lv. 48 Armors from Spider Baroness
  • You can now drop Lv. 41 Helmets from Spider Baroness
  • Replaced the Pet Elixirs (L) with the Pet Elixirs (G) at Razador and Nemere chest.
  • Fixed a bug that the shoulder sash costume was not shown at the Buffi Seal
  • Fixed a bug with the game option "New items" that it still displayed the highlight effect for new dropped items even it was disabled
  • Fixed a bug with the offline shop insertion when you unstacked an item and put it at the offline shop that it put the item for the wrong price into the shop
  • Fixed a bug with the "new item highlight effect" that it also showed the effect after sorting your inventory/special storages
  • Fixed a bug that it was possible to teleport with the Marriage Ring to the Zung Temple also if you weren't Lv. 110.
  • Fixed a bug with the shining from the Battlepass that appeared for people with an integrated graphic card. You can buy it again now