Patchnotes 1.3.1 [Maintenance 26.01.]


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Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 26.01.2020
The new Game Version will be 1.3.1


After much deliberation, we decided to do something because of the *Multi-farm Dungeon problem*. We have listened to many suggestions and opinions on this topic and discussed it extensively within the team and have come to the following conclusion:

With this patch we added a Multi-Farm Block System for dungeons that means you can only do the same run with a maximum of 2 characters.
After you entered a dungeon your PC gets a cooldown and if there is 2x cooldown for the same dungeon on your PC you can't enter this dungeon again until one of the two cooldowns has expired.

We know that with this change we will upset a small part of the players who have made many farmers for dungeons, but this change is *the best for the server*. We have often heard the argument that Upgrade items etc. from dungeons will be much too expensive if we introduce such a system because the Multifarmers will no longer bring so much to the market. However, you should know that we have always managed to keep the market balanced in the past and we will manage it this time as well. This system also helps us immensely to give dungeons a higher value and get away a bit from the hours of metin farming (especially for events this is really good).
In summary, this system is the best decision for the server from our point of view and it will only have an impact on a small part of the community but will still have a great value for the server economy.

Also, we are currently working a lot to fix the situation with the long loading time of the offline shop/shop search system. The long loading time is caused by the unbelievable amount of requests due to the many players, items, filters, etc.. We have analyzed the whole situation and have changed the shop search system so that the filter algorithms do not need so much CPU power and we think that these changes will lead to an improvement.


  • Added Multi-Farm Block for Dungeons
  • Added new Map Design for the Razador and Nemere Dungeon


  • Applied changes to the shop search system to reduce the long loading time
  • You no longer need a group to enter the Hydra Dungeon
  • Increased the price of Stone of Hydra from 10 to 15 Garnet Crystals
  • Removed the chat message if you tried to pick up something from another player (suggested by @Myron#4959)
  • Renamed the Lv. 110 PvP Helmets into Kyanite Helmet and adjusted the icon
  • Renamed the Lv. 110 PvM Helmets into Tourmaline Helmet
  • Renamed Dragon Crystal Belt into Tourmaline Belt and adjusted the icon
  • Renamed Tourmaline Belt into Kyanite Belt and adjusted the icon
  • Renamed the Three Emperor Shield into Kyanite Shield and adjusted the icon
  • Renamed the Dragon God Shield (Lv. 110 PvM Shield) into Tourmaline Shield
  • The Beran-Setaou Dungeon now starts instantly after you get teleported in (you don't need to start the run at the NPC inside the dungeon anymore)