Patchnotes 1.4.1 [Maintenance 11.03.]


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Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 11.03.2021
The new Game Version will be 1.4.1

  • Push items from Huahn-So will automatically stack the time when you buy them
  • Shoulder Sash Costume's are now switchable via Switchbot

Low-Level Changes:
  • You can now craft "Piece of Gaya" at the Gaya Merchant for 2x Spirit Stone +0-+3
  • Removed Spirit Stone Bags from the Gaya Merchant
  • Metin of Murder now drops 2x piece of violet stone again**
  • Reworked Biologist Prices again**
  • Increased Yang drop from Ape Lord and Slime Queen from 3kk to 10kk
  • Increased Yang drop from Spider Baroness from 5kk to 12kk
  • Removed Lv. 70 Weapons and Lv. 54 Jewellery from Azrael Chest
  • Removed Lv. 66 Armors from Beran Setaou Chest
  • Added 40kk, 60kk and 80kk as content into Azrael Chest
  • Added 50kk, 75kk and 100kk as content into the Beran Setaou Chest
  • Replaced Enchant Item with Red Flame Stone in the Beran Setaou Chest
  • Increased the amount of Element Enchant in Beran Setaou Chest from 5 to 20
  • Increased the amount of switcher drop from Ape Lord, Slime Queen, Spider Baroness, Azrael, Beran
  • Added Silver-Scroll into Azrael Chest and Beran Setaou Chest
  • Added not tradeable Weapon Costume Voucher (Beran) to the Beran Setaou Chest
  • Added not tradeable Armor Costume and Hairstyle Voucher (Azrael) to the Azrael Chest
  • You can get a Black Steel Weapon (2 Days) with 10% Monsters, Metins and Bosses out of the Weapon Costume Voucher (Beran)
  • You can get an Azrael Hairstyle (2 Days) with 10% Monsters, Metins and Bosses out of the Hairstyle Voucher (Azrael)
  • You can get an Azrael Armor Costume (2 Days) with 2k HP and 50 Attack Value out of the Armor Costume Voucher (Azrael)
  • You can exchange Armor Costume Voucher (Azrael) and Hairstyle Voucher (Azrael) into an Azrael Banner and Weapon Costume Voucher (Beran) into a Beran Banner at the Captain.
  • You can craft with Azrael/Beran Banners and a permanent costume from the item shop permanent Azrael/Black Steel Costumes (without bonuses) at the Captain
  • Increased the upgrade chance of Soul Crystal EQ/Titan Shield/Lv. 75 Shoes and Lv. 60 Helmets

High-Level Changes:
  • Removed Kyanite and Padparadscha from Hydra Chest
  • Removed Magic Element Ore from Crystal Drake Chest
  • Removed dungeon chest expert from Crystal Drake
  • Removed Garnet Crystal from Razador/Nemere Chest
  • Added Soulstone+ as drop from the King of Crystal Dragons
  • Decreased the drop of Blessing Scroll from 10 to 5 at high dungeon bosses

General Changes:
  • To craft Gaya you now need Piece of Gaya instead of a Spirit Stone +0-+3**
  • The quest "Customize yourself?!" is now at Uriel instead of the Gaya Merchant
  • Slightly reduced the damage of 2 hand PvP weapons to remove the big gap between 1 hand and 2 hand PvP weapons
  • The Ninja skill "Camouflage" now makes completely invisible and also buffi/mount/pet are invisble now
  • Blacklisted many items/monsters at the wikipedia that it's easier to search for e.g. Poison Sword
  • Added the Captain NPC to Map2
  • Added description to the Enchant Item with the note that you can exchange them into an Enchantment Chest at the General Store.
  • Removed Ruby Crystal as reward from all mission books

  • The Model Previewer at the Battlepass shop now also shows Sashes/Wings
  • Fixed a bug regarding the gaya craft quest