Patchnotes 1.4.2 [Maintenance 20.03]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 20.03.2021
The new Game Version will be 1.4.2

PvP Changes:
  • Added Advanced Duel System: If you now send a Duel request to another player you can decide what push items are activated/deactivated, if pets/Buffis are allowed, bet Yang etc.
  • Reworked/fixed the Guild War System: You can now set a max player count for a war, decide if Buffi-Seals are allowed or not and there is now a timer before the guild war starts
  • Added new option in the guild member list so you can decide which members are allowed to join a guild war (You have to set the checkmark in the right side in the guild member list to make a guild member a "Combatant"
  • Added a new Duel PvP Map (Yang Bets via the new duel system are only possible on this map, you can only deal damage on this map if you are in a duel, mounts are blocked)
  • Added a new Open PvP Map (Mounts are blocked on this map)

General Changes:
  • Piece of Gaya, Azrael Banner and Beran Banner can now be stored at the Upitem Storage
  • Added Protein Snack additionally to the Dragon Stone Alchemy Shop
  • Reordered the whole Bonus Board and added missing Bonuses
  • Improved the server performance to reduce lags
  • Burn and Poison damage values are now displayed in orange and green
  • Increased the time of each dungeon key from 5 minutes to 1 hour
  • Improved the icon of the 5 hours EXP ring
  • Improved translations especially hungarian
  • Improved the yang icon at the offline shop
  • The skill "Dispel" does not removed fishes anymore
  • Added an additional Anti EXP Ring to the character window and moved the old one besides the EXP Bar

  • Fixed a bug with the Dragon Roar skill that it did less damage if you used it as self cast .