Patchnotes 1.4.4 [Maintenance 27.03.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 27.03.2021
The new Game Version will be 1.4.4

Event Changes:
Since we have received a lot of feedback from you regarding the Easter event, we have decided to make the following changes:
  • Added Bronze Easter Basked, Silver Easter Basket and Gold Easter Basket to the Easter Egg Shop
  • Added Green Easter Amulet (50% EXP, 25% Monster, 1000 HP) to the Easter Egg Shop
  • Added White Rabbit Mount (15% Monster) and Moon Bunny Mount (20% Metinstone) to the Easter Egg Shop
  • Added Bunny Costume (2000HP, 50 Attack Value) and Bunny Ears (10% Monster, Metinstone, Boss) to the Easter Egg Shop
  • Slightly reduced the chance to get Red Steel Weapon Costumes from the golden Rewards from the Blackjack, Catch the King and Okey Event
  • Moved the Event icon under the minimap
  • Fixed a bug that messages containing KKK were not sent
  • Applied a change that should fix a bug that players sometimes had no knockback in PvP (It could be that the error still occurs and we ask for feedback on this)