Patchnotes 1.4.6 [Maintenance 08.04.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 08.04.2021
The new Game Version will be 1.4.6


  • Removed that monsters stand still for a short time before they die when they are at 0 HP, they now instantly die as soon as they are on 0 HP (that means you don't need that extra hit anymore to instantly kill a monster/metin/boss if it's on 0 HP)
  • Reduced the life of Nemere Metinstones to 2.5kk HP
  • Increased the size of Ignitor, Szel and Sindarin
  • Slightly increased the size of the Mighty Ice Witch (Worldboss)
  • Removed the quest window after killing Charon at the Azrael Dungeon
  • Thranduil and Crystal Drake have now a yang drop like every other dungeon boss
  • Adjusted the Basalt Obelisk (Statue in the Azrael Dungeon) that it's easier to drag & drop the Grimace Totem on it
  • Renamed the "Dye" to "Skill Dye" to make it better understandable
  • Slightly reduced the range of Dragon's Roar

  • Fixed a bug that the shortcut to search something at the shop search did not work correct
  • Fixed a bug at the Catch the King Game that full lines with K did not give 10 extra points
  • Fixed a bug with Arrow Shower that it only hit 1 target
  • Fixed a bug that a wrong message was displayed if you tried to buy something from a offline shop with not enough yang