Patchnotes 1.4 [Maintenance 05.03.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 05.03.2021
The new Game Version will be 1.4

  • We will remove the ruby crystal completely from the game as we can achieve a more balanced market this way. All Ruby Crystals and Piece of Red Stone will be deleted at 14.03. (You can see the remaining time on the item description) You have the option to sell your ruby crystals to an NPC for 100k each before they are deleted.

  • FPS Improvements are now live
  • Player names in the Shop Search are now displayed in red if the player is offline
  • You can now search for any word that is contained in the item name in the shop search (For example: if you search "noble" you will find any sash that is noble)

High-Level Changes:
  • Energy Crystal is now tradeable
  • Reduced the price of Sky Soul Stone from 15.000 to 10.000 for Energy Crystal
  • Increased the Price of Cor Draconis from 10.000 to 20.000 for Energy Crystal
  • Reworked the price of Essence of Energy from 4000x Energy Fragment and 1000x Cor Draconis to 3000x Energy Fragment, 500x Cor Draconis and 20x Garnet Crystal
  • Reworked the price of Elixir of Energy from 2000x Energy Fragment and 500x Cor Draconis to 1500x Energy Fragment, 250x Cor Draconis and 10x Garnet Crystal.
  • Reworked the price for Energy Scroll. (1500x Energy Fragment, 50x Sapphire Crystals, 10x Garnet Crystal, 5x Magic Gold Ore, 5x Magic Iron Ore)
  • Reduced the 2x 100% Energy Fragment drop at Zung Temple Metinstones to 1x 100% and 1x 50% drop
  • Reduced drop of piece of violet stone from 3 to 2 at Lv. 90 Maps and Forest Metins
  • Increased the price of stone of dryads from 10 to 12 garnet crystals
  • Adjusted the price for Dragonbeans (from 5, 20, 40 to 8,30,60)
  • Added Red Dragon Scale and Fencing Pamphlet to Hydra's Chest
  • Unknowne stone (high) does not drop 100% anymore from bosses
  • Changed the icon and renamed the Black Pearl Treasure chest to Hydra's Chest
  • Slightly increased the cooldown of Finger Strike. (15 to 17)

Low-Level Changes:
  • Removed skill book chests from the Lv. 75 and Lv. 80 Metinstones
  • Reworked all prices for skillbooks from the Teachers
  • Removed Piece of Red Stone as drop from all Metinstones
  • Reduced drop of piece of violet stone from 2 to 1 at Metin of Murder
  • Increased price of Shrunken Head and Twisted Key from 8 to 10 Sapphire Crystals
  • Increased the price of Permanent Dews/Dragon God Push from 600x to 1000x Tourmaline Crystal
  • Added Blessing Scroll as drop to the following Bosses: Ape Lord (2x), Slime Queen (5x), Spider Baron (2x), Spider Baroness (5x), Azrael (8x), Beran Setaou (10x), Ignitor (1x), Szel (5x), Charon (5x), Razador (10x), Nemere (10x)
  • Added 5x Cor Draconis as drop to Slime Queen and Spider Baroness
  • Reworked all prices for Biologist items
  • You now need Sapphire Crystals instead of Ruby Crystals for Spirit Stone Bags

  • Fixed a bug that the text in the search field of the shop search system was overlapping if you used the reset button
  • The buy confirmation window of the shop search now disappears if you click on the shop search UI again (that means you don't buy something by accident with enter when the window is in the background and you don't see it)