Patchnotes 2.0.2 [Maintenance 14.05.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 14.05.2021
The new Game Version will be 2.0.2

  • Added Perfect Soulstone (Buffi) at the skill crafting from Soon. It directly sets a Buffi Seal skill from G1 to P1

  • You can activate all dungeon keys now with a right click at the following dungeons: Ape Dungeon, Slime Dungeon, Demon Tower, Azrael Dungeon, Razador Dungeon, Nemere Dungeon and Crystal Drake Dungeon.
  • Changed the dropsystem at Metinstones: The one that did the most damage drops everything
  • You can now remove the Gaya and Itemshop Nickname scrolls (Just click on the affect icon to remove it)
  • You can no longer click on the channel you are currently logged in at the channel changer, also the last visited channel is now displayed
  • All zodiac monsters are not aggressive anymore
  • The target menu is now automatically placed a bit further down when the maintenance announcement window is display so you can still see everything
  • Reduced the cooldown of Beran Setaou from 90 minutes to 60 minutes
  • Adjusted the game option "Hide Effects - General" that it hides every metinstone shining now
  • Slightly increased the size of the crystal dungeon monsters, because they were really small compared to other monsters
  • The Thranduil test boss also counts now for the "Become a Dragonslayer" quest if you are Lv. 116+
  • There is now a cooldown for changing your costume
  • Added Ramadan Chest, Ramadan Chest (High) and Ramadan costumes to our wikipedia
  • Improved a lot of translations
  • The Pet is now running behind your character instead of teleporting
  • The Mysterious Meteors are spawning now at fix times (xx:00 and xx:30) instead of 30 minutes after the server started
  • The dungeon ranking now shows the maximum damage on zodiac bosses
  • Fixed a bug that the Stone of Hope affect was gone after adding an Aura Stone into the upgrade window
  • Fixed a bug at the buffi seal skill color that it was not possible for Heal Shamans to color the buffi seal skills
  • Fixed a bug at the duel system that the buffi skills came back after dispel even though they were disabled at the duell settings
  • Fixed a bug at the duel system with the buffi seal buffs at shamans
  • Fixed a bug at the Empire War spectator mode: You don't see spectator pets anymore and you can spectate the Empire War now also if you are out of the required level range of the Empire War
  • Fixed a bug with the Aura Outfit after teleporting