Patchnotes 2.0.3 [Maintenance 18.05.]


Staff member
Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 18.05.2021
The new Game Version will be 2.0.3

  • All Vote4Buffs got resetted you have to choose your bonus ingame again (you don't have to vote)

  • [SYSTEM] messages are now automatically gone after teleport
  • Increased the overall yang limit from 1kkkk to 10kkkk
  • You now still see the minimap boss symbol (white dot) even if the minimap is zoomed out once
  • There is now a confirmation window if you want to use items like the Crescent Moon Ring for the first time
  • The Ghost Forest metinstones are now identical in drop and HP to the Red Forest metinstones
  • Added 3 more Milbon Monk NPC's at the Zodiac Temple lobby and increased the hitbox of him
  • Added rarity to the Manu-Seal (Orange) and to the Ramadan Costumes
  • Added Master Aemon and Stable Boy at the Naga Desert city
  • Added Maester Aemon at the Cape Dragon Fire city
  • Fixed a bug that monsters were sometimes invisible, especially in dungeons
  • Fixed a bug that your client freezes if you open your offline shop sale history after selling a lot of items
  • The click point marker is now also visible if your performance options are on high
  • Fixed a bug with the vote4buff system
  • Fixed a bug with changing costumes
  • Applied a fix for some guild storage problems