Patchnotes 2.0 [Maintenance 07.05.]


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Oct 9, 2020

Maintenance 07.05.2021
During this Maintenance the Content Update will be implemented, the new Game Version will be 2.0

Patchnotes 2.0

New Dungeons:

  • Awakened Jotun Thrym (Lv. 116-120)
  • Troll's Lair (Lv. 116-120)
  • Serpent Temple (Lv. 116-120)
  • Zodiac Temple (Lv. 116-120)

New Systems:
  • Skill Tree (Hotkey F5) (detailed description available at the ingame wikipedia)
  • Aura Outfit (detailed description available at the ingame wikipedia)
  • Pet System - 5 more Skill Slots
  • 2 new Bio Quests (Lv. 116 and Lv. 120)
  • Zodiac Calendar (detailed description available at the ingame wikipedia)
  • New Quest Line "Mysterious Adventure"

New Maps:
  • Troll Valley (Farm Map)
  • Naga Desert (Farm Map)
  • Mysterious Dungeon (Level Map)
  • Zodiac World Boss Map

New Equipment:
  • Zodiac Weapon/Armor (craftable at Milbon Monk at the Zodiac Temple Map)
  • Gloom Dragon Weapon/Armor (craftable at Milbon Monk at the Zodiac Temple Map)

New Bonuses:
  • Strong against Trolls
  • Strong against Snakes
  • Strong against Zodiacmonster
  • Strong against Meteors

New Items:
  • Stone of Hope+ (craftable at Blacksmith)
  • Enchant Zodiac (item to switch you Zodiac Weapon)
  • Experience Ring (High) (Min. Lv. 115, buyable from Soon or from the metins at the new Farm Maps)
  • Potion of Wisdom (High) (buyable from soon)
  • Armor Stones - Stone of Troll, Stone of Snake, Stone of Zodiac +0 - +5 (+0-+4 drop from metins at the new farm maps, +5 drop from Zodiac World Bosses)
  • Weapon Stones - Stone of Meteor +0 - +5 (+0-+4 drops from metins at the new farm maps, +5 drops from Zodiac World Bosses)
  • Zodiac Sash Costumes (dropd from Zodiac World Bosses)
  • Aura Outfit / Aura Stones
  • Aura Ouftit / Aura Stone Upgrade Material
  • 4 new Dungeon Entry Items
  • 4 new Dungeon Boss Chests
  • Researcher's Elixir+ (buyable at the Bio Shop)
  • Potion of Oblivion+ (buyable at the Bio Shop)
  • 2 new Bio Items (buyable at the Bio Shop)
  • Enchanted Pet Book Chest (craftable at the Stable Boy)
  • Pet Book Chest Enchant (craft item for the Enchanted Pet Book Chest)
  • Snake Upgrade Items
  • Troll Upgrade Items
  • Zodiac Upgrade Items
  • Zodiac Craft Items
  • Goldmetallic Dye (craftable at Milbon Monk NPC at Zodiac Temple Map)
  • Royal Mission Book (Dungeon)
  • Royal Mission Book (General)

New Designs:
  • Costume Interface
  • Login Interface
  • Homepage

General Changes/Information:

  • After you reached Level 115 you will only get EXP at the Mysterious Dungeon
  • Added a new system that prevents the Farmer killing on High-Lv. Farm Maps
  • The new Metinstones (Meteor) have a "Crit Resistance" Bonus. That means if the metin has 60% Crit Resistance you need 160% Crit. Chance to crit every hit
  • Added 12 new World Bosses one Boss spawns on all channels everyday at 20:00 (CEST) at the Zodiac World Boss Map
  • The new High-Level Metinstones have the name "Meteor", both bonuses "Strong against Meteors" and "Strong against Metinstones" work for these
  • To be able to do the new dungeons you need to level up to 116. With Lv. 116 you can't do Thranduil, Hydra or Jotun anymore.
  • With the new Costume Interface we applied a change that you can only change the costumes of your Buffi if the Buffi Costume Window is selected to prevent unintentionally equipping something at the Buffi
  • Experience Ring, Experience Ring+ Experience Ring (5 hours) and Potion of Wisdowm now have max. level 114
  • Jotun Thrym has now his original texture
  • Increased the size of Nemere and Razador
  • Adjusted the boss and metin category at the wikipedia
  • Adjusted the hitbox of Jotun Thrym, Razador and Crystal Dragon
  • Added rarity to all Easter Event Costumes
  • The level of Kyanite Armor and Kyanite Weapon has been adjusted to the level of the Kyanite Jewellery (110) to better reflect the description of the ritual stone.
  • Increased the INT of the Buffi-Seal to 206 so it still has max INT
  • Added Minimap Button for the Skill Tree

Itemshop Changes:

After the Update the following items are permanently available at the itemshop:
  • Remove Aura Stone+ (This item is needed to remove an Lv.5 Aura Stone from your Aura Outfit)
  • Stone of Trolls (Dungeon Entry Item)
  • Stone of Serpent (Dungeon Entry Item)
  • Stone of Zodiac (Dungeon Entry Item)
  • Ticket of Awakening (Dungeon Entry Item)
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